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in vitro differentiation of MEFs - (Jan/29/2008 )

Hi all - I've been looking like crazy for some differentiation protocols for my MEFs (mouse embryonal fibroblasts). So far, the only thing I found was for adipocyte and myofibroblast differentiation, but I was wondering if anyone has any helpful tips for other types of differentiation or could point out some places I could look. I'm not looking for a pure differentiation culture, so "random" or nonhomogenous populations would do just fine. I've done a lot differentiation in neuroblastoma lines with serum starvation and DMSO, so if there is something similar to this for MEFs I would be really glad to know.
Thanks a lot in advance!


Have you tried searching pubmed? Probably you can find what you want by quering pubmed using the term: differentiation[Title] AND fibroblast[Title]