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quantitative assay for mycobacterium tuberculosis - quantitative assay for mycobacterium tuberculosis for measurement to s (Jan/23/2008 )

excuse me, does anyone ever conducted quantitative assay for mycobacterium tuberculosis? i m now using mycobacterium smegmatis for the screening to find drugs suitable for two-component systems in replacing of mycobacterium tuberculosis. however, my work now just base on the qualitative assay, and as the bacteria tend to clump, so till now i have no suitable test for the quantitative measurement.

therefore, if any of u knows or ever hears it, please help me, thank you very much.




I don't really understand what you want to do. But normaly to work with tuberculosis you need to add Tween 80 in your medium to avoid clump's formation. To quantify you mycobacteria, you can use luciferase activity or colony forming unit (cfu).

Hope to help you