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Phylogeny and Systematics - (Jan/13/2008 )

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In recent years, DNA sequence analysis has been used in developing phylogenetic relationships among organisms. What type of DNA has been used most commonly in this analysis? Why was this type chosen over others?

The phylogenies developed using DNA sequence analysis may differ from those constructed using morphology and physiology. How do scientists know which way is more correct?


hi , once upon time I had studied on phylogenetics rolleyes.gif
especially conserved regions such as 16S or 28S rDNA are widely used for phylogenetical analysis. it is analysed that he correlation between changing rate of bases and evolution. but recently ITS regions (inter transcriptional sequences) are considered to construct a dendogram as there is no proofreading activity of RNA polymerase.

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i think it may be a choice between nuclear and mitochondrial dna - knowing that why would one be superior to the other?