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L-Glutamine solution - flakes floating when thawed (Jan/11/2008 )

I purchased some L-Glutamine (200mM solution from Cellgro) and when I thawed it there appears to be a significant amount of white flakes floating a the bottom. Can I still use this??? What is it??


Go ahead and use it. Once you add it to medium it will dissolve.


Leave it for some time at RT and vortex it well, the flakes will disappear.



it will disappear after vortex. if not, just vortex and take how many ml you need to add in your media.
don't worry.


It happened in my lab too, and basically... it always happens.
Vortex is the perfect solution!
And I suggest not to add without vortexing, because if you take only the "supernatant" you'll add a non homogeneous solution of Glutamine.


I suggest thawing it in a warm water bath - that dissolves the flakes


It always happens. Usually I mix them by pipetting up-and-down till the flakes dissolve before adding to the medium.

-Franz K.-