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Temperature for growth of skin cells - (Jan/10/2008 )

Should skin cells such as keratinocytes be grown at less than 37C because the outside of the body is less than the core temperature of 37C? Maybe i'm just making things up but it's an idea that just seems to make sense to me.


Unless you have the luxury to keep these cells in a separate incubator set to a different temperature, why not culture these cells at 37 C? Everyone else does it.


besides dont forget that the cells on the outside of the body are actually dead and that the living skin cells are as close as possible to the next blood-vessel and therefore as close as possible to body temperature.

but if you have a large incubator you could try to find the coldest spot in it with temperature probes. i once checked mine out of curiosity and found out that temparature in the incubator can vary +/- 2°C.


we grow skin and 37'C works just fine - coastal hit the nail on the head - kerry's are deep enough in the skin to be outer core temp - the stratum corneum is all dead.