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anesthetization of mice with ketamine/xylazine - without killing them..... (Jan/09/2008 )

Hi guys

I need to anesthetize 3 months old mice (25-30gr) with an i.p. injection of ketamine/xylazine.

Someone here told me to prepare stock of 1ml ketamine : 1ml xylazine : 8 ml PBS and to inject 300-600ul i.p.

i did that but about 25% of the mice didn't wake up.....

Could you please adivse me on the propper amounts ?

Thanks !



we make it as follows:

1.0 ml of ketamine (100mg/ml)
0.15ml of xylazine (100mg/ml)

For mouse, Dilute 1ml of this cocktail with 4 ml of sterile water. Use 0.10ml per 20gms; IP, SC

You check with your animal house/ dept as to the conc. they prefer.


We use 1 ml ketamine (100mg/ml), 0.19 ml xylazine (100mg/ml), saline 10 ml. 0.15-0.25 ml depending on the body weight, i.m. injection on the hind leg. Very safe to use. Never kill one.