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recurrent infections - (Jul/07/2004 )

hi guys,

i have a problem with my cells (clonal rodent pancreatic beta cells), they all seem fine during the first week of culture after being started up from liquid nitrogen, but after their first passage (after 5-7 days) they appear to acquire an infection (rod shaped bacteria). this is in all cells, despite cell type (i use two different cell lines) and passage number. i've changed media, pipette, pipette tips, hood, incubator and it still happens. could if be my stock of trypsin? can this get infected? if so should i re filter it to sterilise it?

your help is much appreciated

james brown


It seems to me that your cells were contaminated when they were frozen.


this is something i considered, but we're talking about a range of diffeent cell types which were frozen down over a 6 month period???