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On trypsin neutralizing solution - (Dec/19/2007 )

Hi all,

I am currently culturing HUVEC. After trypsinizing, I will use the EGM medium to neutralize the trypsin/EDTA.
As I know, both trypsin neutralizing solution (TNS) and serum containing medium can be used for this purpose.
My question is: what is the difference of TNS and medium? and what is the component of TNS?

Thanks in advance


Dont know exactly what it is the inhibitor in the neutralizing solution, but it could be soybean trypsin inhibitor. The major active components in the serum are antitrypsin and other protease inhibitors.


the biggest difference of TNS and serum containing medium is that with using medium you might save a work step.

after cell detachment you can take a small volume of the cell suspension and merge it with fresh medium that you put in a new flask. if you have to subcultivate several flasks you probably dont want to use TNS on evryone of them.