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plasmid draw - Need software for Vector cloning design (Jul/05/2004 )

Any1 know a good software for design and draw plasmid, cosmid, etc. (Cloning vectors)??


There are a few software of such kind (but all seem not free)

Gene Construction Kit


Vector NTI Suite


hi ,

SimVector is good software . You must look at it .


bioedit is a freeware tool, that's got many properties. Vector drawing is one of them. You can get it at

Another lab I know uses DNAman

haven't got the ULR at hand, but maybe alos wort a try.



QUOTE (synthia @ Aug 6 2004, 01:53 AM)
hi ,

SimVector is good software  . You must look at it .

yes i liked simvector and i requested for a time limited key to use the software, this company also offers a free primer analysis software which is also quite useful.