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rabbit handling/anesthesia - (Dec/18/2007 )

what is the most common technique to perform Rabbit's anesthesia?! what do you do in your lab?
I am using muscular injection (ketamin) but every single time there should be one or two aggressive rabbits that scratch me or unnerve me and give me hard times . i imagine inhalation can be a first step to relax the rabbit before injecting it.
in the litrature i couldn't find yet the proper information. i just find about inhalation anesthesia but as whole procedure that require (vaporizer or tracheal tubing) but what am thinking of i just a simple inhalation at the bigening to avoid the stress...
any ideas about this ? what reagant? how to perform?


I only use infection. For the aggressive ones, I use towels to cover their heads (just throw the towel on the head so that the rabbit can't see) before taking them out of the cages. Then put them on towels again, wrap it around the body so they can't kick or scratch you. Hold them close to your body, they will mostly stay still at that point. Shift the towel a little at the place where you want to inject and quickly stick the needle in.