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Problems with G418 selection - (Dec/12/2007 )

Dear colleagues,

I would be glad if anyone could help me with G418 selection. For whatever reason I am not able to kill cells using G418. So far I tried to kill HT1080 cells, BJhtert-fibroblasts, Wi38htert-fibroblasts with concentrations up to 4mg/ml. The cells keep on growing happily. It can be excluded that the cells may have a neomycin-resistance as they are from a reliable source (ATCC). The HT1080 cells do not have any resistance marker. BJs and Wi38s have a hygromycin resistance. I have been testing three different batches of G418 (each up to 4mg/ml) and none of them works. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks and bye,


The same problem has been discussed here