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HELP: transfection reagent for BJ cells - (Dec/10/2007 )

QUOTE (IPS @ Dec 10 2007, 10:13 AM)
Hi, everybody, we are tring to search a efficient tansfection reagent for BJ cells(ATCC number CRL-2522). Cause we have used Genejuice and Fugene 6 reagent to transfect plasmid to BJ cells. While the result was not satisfied. Do you know some more efficient transfection reagent for BJ cells or other fibroblast cells ? Tanks!




a neighbouring lab used FugeneHD with 20% transfection efficacy. You can also try Amaxa nucleofection. Personally I found that BJs are very easy to infect using retroviruses (infection efficacy about 70-80%). However, I am sure you know, BJs have a limited proliferation capacity. When they get older they are much harder to infect. Make sure you have young BJs (population doubling <30).