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References/literature for lab mice? - request re: suggested lit (Dec/09/2007 )

Hey all,

I am in search for some good mouse literature to read up on, such as taking care of lab mice as well as training methodologies or previous successes and so on. Where should I look (any journals?) or does anybody have a tar file of papers I can take a look at?

- Bryan


may try current protocol

-Minnie Mouse-

What does "current protocol" mean? Is this a journal, and if so, where is it on the internet?

- Bryan


check this link

Your institute or department may have a copy of them, either electronically or hard copy.

Hope this may help.

-Minnie Mouse-

In our university, the animal facilities provide classes on all sort of things for animals. You might want to contact the animal facilities in your institute.


Also try
this is a peer-reviewed journal (nature publishing group)