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SDS gel image : why the band looks like 'stapler bullet' - (Dec/05/2007 )

Hello everybody,

I prepared SDS gel (12% saparating 5% stacking). And i ran using 24 mA or 63 volt. Unfortunately I didn't get a straight nice band, the band look like ' stapler bullet'. This problem happened to both sample and marker. It's really important for me to get nice straight band. Can someone help me? please.... sad.gif


If this were a DNA agarose gel, I would say either the gel was run to fast/hard or there was too much salt in either the loading buffer, buffer used to make the gel or the sample itself. Since the marker is also a smiley, try reducing the amperage/voltage that you are running the gel at. See if that helps. And just to be certain pay attention when making the buffers you are using either to make the gel or use as running buffer. Make certain the concentrations are right.


see my response to this question in the pinned thread ("sds-page") above. and please don't multipost.


thank you guys.... thanks for those suggestions...