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DMSO in cell culture - is it toxic, does it change signalling? - Citations wellcommed (Dec/01/2007 )

Dear forum users.
Repeatedly I heard (and observed) that high DMSO in cell culture is toxic, but I would like to know if there is some book or paper discussing effects of high DMSO on viability (or warning before using it). Comparison of cell lines would be extremly helpful.

Related question is the effect of various concentrations of DMSO on cell behaviour in general. I am aware that HL-60 are differentiated by higher concentrations of DMSO (and responsible pathways are partially known). Are there other examples? Both your experience and paper citations are useful

Any insight wellcommed
tx karpatov


We had this discussion about 2 months ago. Just look up DMSO in the archives.


DMSO can cause differentiation in cell lines.
look into pub med or any other journal database. there is a huge amount of information out there. reviews would be more useful if you need to see how different cell lines respond to the DMSO.