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CO2 incubator - why it is called CO2 incubator (Nov/25/2007 )

hello every one,

i have a doubt inbubator which is used in animal cell culture it is called as CO2 inbubator ? why not oxygen ,nitorgen inbubator


You can only control the level of CO2 in the incubator and not the level of oxygen or nitrogen


because within that incubator, the CO2 levels (via piped in CO2 gas from a gas cylinder) can be controlled.


The sensor is for CO2 and cannot control or meter any other type of gas.


my doudt is why it is specificaly called as co2 incubator??


QUOTE (alie @ Nov 26 2007, 09:02 AM)
my doudt is why it is specificaly called as co2 incubator??

It's called a CO2 incubator because CO2 is the chemical shorthand for Carbon Dioxide. It's a pain to do subscripts in many online formats, so the 2 is assumed to be a subscript.


In the cell culture medium, there is a carbonate buffer. That's why you need to control the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere, to control the pH of the culture medium.

the CO2 incubator allows you to inject CO2 in the atmosphere of the incubator. all other gaz are at the same concentration than in the air.
So it's called CO2 incubator.


bacteria like CO2,

And your right you don't incubate the CO2. You also don't call the "normal" incubators "air incubators",
so incubators with CO2 would be more appropriate,