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Any ideals for cell fragmentation? - (Jun/20/2004 )

Dear all,
I am interested in looking at my drug in the cell distribution . The drug is a week base but is very high lipophilic (LogP=5).

After treatment with my drug, I really want to have a clear protocol for isolation of nucleus and some other celluar organelles such as lysosome...

my other idea is to isolate these organelles first, then incubate with my drug to see the uptake.

my qestion is, 1)is there any good protocol for isolation nucleus and lysosome? 2) and what other organelles should I look?

your suggestion is really appreciated!



I guess you come from china.
this question is easy to resolved. to inquire about a manual of cell experiments, the answer is wating for you.
However, the key to the problem is the sensitivity to detect the density of the drug in these organelles.
Can you introduce your procedure of detecting the density of the drug?
Because I am interested in the drug intake, and your drug is hydrophobic,I guess the durg is probablly concentrated in the cytoplasm or on the suface of the membrane of cytoplasm.

-flying bee-

I have analitical method to detect the intracelluar drug conc. with LC-MS. The recovery is pretty good.
I will check the cell membrane for sure. thanks,