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Hela cell contamination? - (Nov/21/2007 )

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QUOTE (genehunter-1 @ Dec 5 2007, 11:44 AM)
Not the most accurate way, but you can tell by the color of the medium. It turns yellow (without cells) when CO2 is too high, pink when the opposite.

OH genehunter you should be ashamed of yourself....Fyrite is accurate to within 0.5%. Gilson pipettes are generally accurate to within 1-2%. The new much more expensive digital monitors are accurate to 0.1%, but have to be daily calibrated. It is very rarely that anyone comes into my Institute and knows what a fyrite is....technicians, post docs and even professors. Looking at the colour of the medium is not the way to teach young scientists how to experiment.

Dominic never underestimate excellence and achievements/contribution to achievements. We should always try to achieve this......and clearly not everybody does. The beauty of what we do for a living is that it is Peer reviewed.....i.e. get a paper in the literature is one thing. Getting people to read it another. Getting those people to cite your work in their papers another. not worry about being old school.....keep up the good work.

The old phrase still rings true with contamination, either with bacteria,fungus or Mycoplasma:


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