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Collagen Gel Contraction - Contracting gels using vitrogen collagen (Jun/17/2004 )


I'm trying to use vitrogen collagen I as a stretchable substratum for seeding vascular smooth muscle cells (SMCs).

Right now, I'm using a protocol for mixing the gel which includes Vitrogen collagen stock, NaOH, and DMEM/FBS (The growth medium for my cells).

When I try stretching my collagen gel, the gel surface breaks or tears apart easily. If I want a stronger and more stretchable surface so that I can work with greater force of stretches, what should I do to make the gel stronger? Should I increase the relative proportion of Vitrogen Collagen solution?



Collagen gel may not be the best for a stretching surface. In my experience with collagen gel, type I, I find that collagen tears very easily. It is definitely less fragile if the collagen concentration and NaOH concentration are increased, so you could try one or both of these. Sorry, I don't have any other substrate alternatives.