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Cat No of M199 medium for endothelial cells URGENT - (Nov/20/2007 )


We want to establish HUVEC in our lab but first I need to order adequate medium and supplements.
everybody uses M199 for HUVEC but in SIGMA catalogue you have a variety of them.
1. with Hanks' salts
2. with Earle's salts
3. HEPES modification with Earle's salts

can someone please tell me what M199 medium is he using

it can also be from Invitrogen but please I need Cat no...

Also I need to know which sodium heparin do you use for endothelal medium?
I found sodium heparin Grade I-A in Sigma for cell culture but there are more options and I don't know which one is the right one.

Thanks in advance



HI, I am not sure if this is helpful for you, but we have hMec-1 cells, these are microvascular endothelial cells, perhaps you can compare the conditions.

We use Medium 199 from Gibco / Invitrogen (nr. 31150)
with Earle's and L-Glutamine.
We add ECGF, Hydrocortisone FCS and Pen/Strep afterwards to get the complete media.