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Thiamine & pyridoxine HCL in MS medium - (Nov/12/2007 )


I am tissue culturing Anthurium & making the MS medium myself. Its difficult to find Thiamine HCL & Pyridoxine HCL in a hury.
Do you guys no any alternative for these. I mean like using Vitamin B1 & B6 or the vitamin B complex in place of these two chemicals. Is it posible.

And in place of IAA would it be productive to use 0.3% Indol 3 butaric acid.

Thanks a bunch,.. :-)



hi Amodha, I think there is no alternative of Thymine HCl & Pyridoxine.HCl because vitamin B complex have all the different B vitamins which are not required by your plant and that may be harmful for the plant. Vitamin BI or B6 also have difference then B2 & B4. But you may use IBA in place of IAA in emergency. For your better results, you should use the appropriate chemical only.
Mukul Joshi

-Mukul Joshi-