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Dopaminergic cell lines - Need info on DAergic cell lines (Oct/26/2007 )

I need to choose a dopaminergic cell line for toxicology experiments. Does anyone have any experience with DAergic cell lines? There seem to be many lines out there, MN9D, RSCN-3, SN4741, SH-SY5Y, B65, and so on. Does anyone have experience with these cell lines, and know if they are easy or difficult to grow, if they express TH, DAT, VMAT and DA receptors, and if they require differentiation to express a dopaminergic phenotype? Are PC12 cells considered to be dopaminergic? Are these cell lines available from ATCC, or do you know where they can be obtained?
I'd greatly appreciate any info you have to share!


-Anne D-

I dont think the PC12 are dopaminergic cells, they are pheochromocytomas. ShSY5Y are also not dopaminergic, they are neuroblastomas.

Look for NT cells, I think they might have some dopaminergic phenotype.



I have some experience of using SH-SY5Y cells and would consider them to be dopaminerigic; in fact they synthesize 5-HT, DA and NA. They definitely express DAT1, tyrosine hydoxylase and drd2, not sure about the other dopamine receptors. Some of the literature suggests that differentiation enhances the dopaminergic phenotype; a quick pubmed search would confirm this. This cell line is available from ATCC.