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How to pick cell from soft agar and recover it? - (Oct/23/2007 )

Hi everyone,
I have to pick colon cell colony from soft agar but i don't know how to do that ?
Thanks! for any suggestion.


Make sure that when you plate the cells, they are dilute enough to form individual colonies and do not grow together to form a lawn.

In order to pick a colony, find a colony on the plate that is isolated from the rest (to make sure you're only picking one clone). Some labs use a wire loop to pick up colonies, but mine just uses a 1-100uL pipette tip to pick up the colony and deposit it into the liquid broth or whatever else you need to use the colony for.


Thanks! TheSquire, but the next problem is how to get them grow when I transfer them into liquid media because there are some agar around the cells.