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LRE1 - (Oct/22/2007 )

Very naive question. I'm trying to find the genomic sequence for Human LRE1 (Line Retrotransposable Element 1) to design pyrosequencing primers against. But haven't had any luck with my ensembl searches. I have the exact chromosome position of the gene (Gene map locus 22q11-q12) but could anyone tell me the easiest way to find the corresponding genomic sequence?

Thanks in advance!


I'm having a hellova time as well. I think it's because there are 10,000's of LRE's. There are tons of variances and transposons aren't easy to nail down.

Look for an updated gbrowse database. I think i was able to get close. You might have more luck since you know the exact location you are looking.


tried repeatmasker??

google it