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cryopreservation of lymphocytes - (Oct/21/2007 )

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i have one Q wacko.gif
how much is the % of CD8 or CD4 from..1 ml of blood or PBMCs blush.gif


the numbers of CD8 and CD4 will of course vary a lot between individuals, but in general:
CD8: 10-20% of PBMC
CD4 (witout CD14 which also express CD4): 20-40% of PBMC

check out separation of lymhocytes with Dynabeads from Dynal or Microbeads from Miltenyi.. rolleyes.gif



thanx alot


As 10-30% of cells may die during freeze-thaw, you should count the live cells before stimulation with CD3/CD28 soyou make sure you add the correct amount of beads. Add IL-2 the second or third day.

We are really happy with Dynabeads for cell separations. They seem to be the most gentle method of cell isolation. Here is a useful page for choosing products for cell isolations:


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