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culture CD34+ Hematopoietic Stem Cells - (Oct/18/2007 )

Does anybody know how long one can culture the CD34+ cells in vitro? For the moment I keep them in the plates for 8 days. Do the cells die when I go on for some more days?


No one an idea? sad.gif



what I know, that 7 days for CD34+ cells culturing is enough for self-renewal. What about cytokines.
When you take for example IL-3, TPO, SCF, GMCSF FLt3 they will be 7 days good influence your cells.
In other hands, It is better when time of culturing will not so long, because of differentiating steps.

It is a CFC Assay and here you have a posibility culture your isolated CD34+ cells 14 days w/o of disrupting. with Methyllcelulose. but in this case you will become colonies, they you can only scrape... und/or to count.
I dont know any publications about this, but I will search.