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methyl-cellulose for plaque assay - (Oct/16/2007 )

Does anyone out there use methyl-cellulose in their overlays for plaque assay??
If so, how do you prepare it??
We add the powder to high pure water, autoclave and then shake by hand like crazy for 20 or so minutes until it has cooled to touchable temp. Is there a better way?? Help, coz my poor little arms can't take this kind of shaking all the time smile.gif


Polymer solubility can be tricky and time dependent. I would suggest you first add slowly into water to avoid clumps at the initial dispersion step as best as you can.coz large clumps take longer to dissolve. You can do less shaking and wait for longer time to dissolve/suspend it.


Hi genehunter, my aching arms thank you for your suggestion smile.gif

Others in the lab have said that they have tried dissolving prior to autoclaving, but the solution is still very clumpy after and requires considerable shaking.
I think I might give it a try myself though, because any reduction in the time or vigorous-ness of shaking required after autoclaving would be GREAT!!