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mononuclear from cord blood - How to differentiate the mononuclear ? (May/16/2004 )

I'm making isolation the mononuclear from cord blood but I don't know how to recognize it? Can anybody help me?
I didn't find anything about it on the web. Please help me.
Can you discribe it and give me some image of it ?



It's alittle bit late you have probably found the solution, but anyways, let me tell you what I know about mononuclear cells: You have T and B cells: small round white cells. macrophages are bigger than T/B and harsh membrane-phenotype. NK cells are also small but not as round T/B. In general you will not find anything on the web, but the best thing is to check a scientific textbook which might have some info for the light microscopic view of the cells you are looking for