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vector pFPV25.1 - need help!!! (May/08/2004 )

I have a big problem with pFPV25.1 vector ! I haven't got its precise restriction map. i have only general map of pFPV25 vector , it is "father" of pFPV25.1 and it is without promoter .I must recut GFP (green fluorescent protein ) gene sequence from pFPV25.1(including its promoter) . I will be grateful for any information about this vector.[/COLOR]. It is for my thesis . it is very important .thanks


Do you have the sequence of this vector?


Have you refer to the original paper or contact the authors?

Valdivia, R. H., and S. Falkow. 1996.
Bacterial genetics by flow cytometry: rapid isolation of Salmonella typhimurium acid-inducible promoters by differential fluorescence induction. Mol. Microbiol. 22:367íV378.