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number of human primary fibroblasts - (Sep/17/2007 )


im culturing some human primary fibroblasts at 10cm diameter dishes (7854mm2).
when they are comfluent i count them and i find them about 50.000-100.000 cells at the most.
I think they are very little. . . unsure.gif
Please advice.. . How many primary fibroblasts do we expect at confluency at a 10cm dish?
Are my numbers very low or they are ok?

thanks very much


It is low. Can you show us a picture of these cells? Do they look flatterned? How did you count the cells?


i dont have a picture.
but they seem very helthy, growing very fast, occuping the entire dish. generally everything seems fine.
i count them with a hemocytometer and i think i know how to use it. i have use many times before. but i dont know about primary fibroblasts.
i was wondering if there is an average for primary fibroblasts....?
I know something about Hella but its not the same....