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cotransfection of CHO cells - (Sep/17/2007 )

hi there,
I want to cotransfect my CHO cells with 2 vectors,one of them contains resistance to hygromycin and gene of antibody-GFP and the other with no selection marker and integrase gene. how can I make sure that I have acheived co-transfection?, because both markers exist on one vector.
besides, I used Lipofectamine 2000, but the efficiency seems to be very low what might explain this?


CHO cells are not hard to transfect. Lipo2K should work very well if you use the right dosages of DNA and Lipo2K.

For co-transfection, use the 4-10 X more of the one without selection marker vs the one has, then select for the antibiotic resistant colonies.
You need to then verify these colonies with Western blot/immunohistochemistry, etc.