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mammary fat pad - (Sep/07/2007 )

I’m starting to use immunocompromised mice for tumor studies and I have 2 silly question:
- where can I found a good protocol for tumour cells injection in mammary fat pad?(I will use MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell),
- Can I use both SCID mice or Athymic Nude mice? Mixed background or BALBc, for athymic, is the same? (I tried with athymic mice, but I’m not sure to have found the fat pad...even the breast is atrophic!!!! Do they have fat pad?)
Thanx to everybody
Feel free to reproach me for my terrible english!!!!


try the section on xenografts etc in the protocols page. I can't see any reason why athymic mice should lack mammaries, mammary tissue development is dependant on hormones and pregnancy in mouse. All female mice have mammaries, otherwise it is kind of hard for the pups to survive, mothering onto other mice doesn't work so well usually.

Older female mice that I have dissected typically have mammary fat extending along both sides of the mouse and even over parts of the back, should be pretty hard to miss.


I did this kind of experiments not long ago and I have the protocol somewhere in my pile of papers... BTW I used nude mice and it worked like a charm. Please PM me... Curious question, what country are you from?