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How to get expression information from mRNA? - (Apr/17/2004 )

I am investigatting a new protein, I just know the mRNA sequence and amine acid sequce deduced from mRNA. I want to analyze the mRNA sequence and get some information such as what factor regulates the expression of the protein etc. Anyone know some method to analyzed it? Thank u!



If you want to know the expression regulation of your mRNA, you should look into its 5' regulatory region (promoter) where a lot of factors can influence transcription of your gene such as transcriptional factors, enhancer, silencer, DNA methylation, histone modification, etc, while the coding sequence itself has no much to do with mRNA expression control. If you are interested specifically in protein expression, there are additional processes that influence your protein expression besides transcription regulation, such as posttranscriptional, translational and posttranslational. Here you can find more details about those processes:

Hope it helps.


Veteran, thank you very much!