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Microarray data mining - how can i do it? (Aug/31/2007 )

PLZ i want a simple explantion of the microarray data minig topic

as in our institution we haven't bioinformatics branch, and i hope to study this field and doing experminents related to it. but i can't find who help me here.

in these days i try to read more about microarray data analysis through the net.

i attended a conference one year ago about bioinformatics, and i see people talking about microarray data minig for some gene. i find that this field is very interseted for me and i hope to learn more about it.

Best regards


Microarray Bioinformatics. Stekel D, 2003. Cambridge University Press. is a very useful book. I found it very helpful when I started microarray analysis. I think I paid around £25 for my copy a few years ago, so you can probably pick up a cheap second hand one on Amazon by now...