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3-point testcross - (Aug/30/2007 )

hi can someone please tell me where ive gone wrong!!

Use the following three point testcross data to answer the following question:
a b c 300
a b C 90
A B c 90
A b C 10
A b c 110
a B C 110
a B c 10
A B C 280
total 1000

The map distance between A and C is:

----so what i did was this...the parental types are ABC and abc right? so parentals=A/C and a/b
so in the list look for recombinants...which are--a/C, A/c, which all together=90+90+110+110=400 then 400/1000=0.4....soo where have i gone wrong!!

please help meeee
thanks in advance,



are u working on a restriction map!?


huh? blush.gif

Umm dont no wat u mean aye--i really dont get genetics and seeing as the way i did it was just gng my wat i thought was similar info. in the textbook...i don't think it has to be all that complicated seeing as its a as for restriction maps im really confused...umm maybe just an explanation of how you would work it out wld be nice