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About cytotoxicity of E.coli - Effects of using EtOH or DMSO (Aug/26/2007 )

Hello , cause my experiment will use EtOH and DMSO. I would like to know what the minimal concentration of EtOH or DMSO will inhibit E.coli growth or make E.coli die ?

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I don't know about ethanol but I do have a little infomation concerning DMSO. Between 0.001%w/v to 1%w/v, DMSO has no effect on growth rate. At 5%w/v and above growth rate is severely retarded. However the paper did not find a concentration of DMSO where there was no growth. Even at 30%w/v there was some growth, even though it was very slow.


Although I am normally a strong advocate of literature search as a way to solve problems, this one is so easily amenable to experiment that I would just try it. Do serial dilutions of EtOH and DMSO in infected medium and get this over with.


Then tell the rest of us what your results were, please!


Thanks for your help, and next time I'll tring first if I'm not in a rush !!