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did i do it right? - maths and such (Aug/23/2007 )

Yes yes yes anothe rquestion about molarity, i'm sure there are hundreds floating about, i think i did this calculation right ( i am still getting used to this work) but can someone be kind enough to look through it for me???

I have a solution that is 0.50g/l its M.W is 252.32 so its molarity in 1 L is 198.16 m/l correct?
Now i want ot make up a 750 micromolar solution, so if i was to have completed this ......378.482 microliter brough tup to volume of 1000ml would this be correct? i think i am getting worse at this not better!! i want a series dillution ( in 4) so i put 250 ml of high conc into 750 ml water.....and continued to do this for 10 times to make a series dillution. Is this correct?


Going through the calculation I think you're slightly out. Try going through the initial part of the problem. You're almost there just not quite and your calculations are right for the rest of the problem.

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Hm, just my 50 cents:

MW 252.32 means 252.32g/L are a 1M solution, or 0.25232g/L would be 1mM, yes?
so 0.5g/L is roughly twice of 1mM (1.98 mM).

1.98 mM is 1980µM - you want a 750µM solution, so you have to dillute your 1980µM 1:2.64 (1980/750, i.e.).
Meaning: use 378µl of 1.98mM, dillute ad 1ml (add 662µl), there you are, 750µM!

For serial dillution with a factor four: you are correct, 250 + 750 is 1:4....... so you take 250µl stock solution, add 750µl dilluent, mix, remove 250µl in a new cup, add again 750µl, and so you will end up with the following dillutions: stock, 1:4, 1:16, 1:64, 1:256, 1:1024..........



thanks guys...getting there bit by bit smile.gif