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Swordfish anatomy - Seek detailed photo of sword dissection (Aug/22/2007 )

Hello everyone
I am doing some research on swordfish and wondered if anyone can direct me to links or books that might show the sword of the Swordfish in a dissected image.

Any advice on how to find good images or links would be helpful.

-Seafood- and maybe and too


QUOTE (fred_33 @ Aug 24 2007, 02:26 AM)

Thanks for the links
I never knew Google had the scholar search. Very nice
I did find papers at this site, but I am still searching for details of the upper jaw or Sword.

A mass of information seems to be out there,so I should be able to find some dissection images somewhere.

I did send e-mail to my local university, but they did not return and thoughts.(even though they study the Atlantic Ocean, and everything in it.)

But I wanted to thank you before to long went by,and you might think I did not appreciate your links.


hey seafood,

i found this article about the anatomy of the centaur...interesting indeed.... laugh.gif
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