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trypsin concentrations for detaching cells - (Aug/22/2007 )

Hi everyone,

There seem to be two kinds of commonly used trypsin-EDTA for cell culture. One contains 0.05% trypsin and the other contains 0.25% trypsin. What's the big difference between them? I'm now working with HEK 293T cells, which kind of trypsin-EDTA should I use to detach the cells (when split cells)?

Thanks a lot!



we use 0.05% trypsin/edta for splitting cell lines. but I have used 0.25% and they are still fine. I havnt noticed any major difference in cell behavior.


I use trypsin at 0.25% in sterile PBS for routine cell culture with my fibroblast cell line.
I only use trypsin/EDTA for hard to detach cell lines, where they do not lift well using my standard trypsin.