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enzyme activity - enzymes (Aug/22/2007 )

I have this question that i am struggling with and i need some help such as workjing through steps and getting the actual answer.
The following data was collected in an experiment investigating the activity of a protease, trypsin. The activity of trypsin in breaking down a small polypeptide chain was monitored by determining the concentration of the polypeptide in solution (in Molar units) over time. The results are shown below. Graph these results and determine the rate of reaction. Select the option below that is closest to your answer (within 20%).
Time (mins) Polypeptide concentration (mM)
0 =100
1 = 99.5
2 =99.5
5 =98
10 =97
15 =94

a. 0.7 mM/min

b. 1.1 mM/min

c. 2.4 mM/min

d. 4.1 mM/min

e. 7.1 mM/min

f. 12.0 mM/min

g. None of these values is close to my answer.


I get 0.377 mM/hr by drawing a graph and calculating the gradient of the line.

-bitesizebio guy-