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saving your gel for future - (Aug/18/2007 )

Is there a way to save my minigel which I ran DNA onto already this morning, so that the bands don't diffuse over the weekend? I was told that if I left it in the TAE buffer, my DNA will diffuse out after a few hours. Is there any way to prevent this long enough and save my gel? I need it for the future. Could I wrap it up and place it in the freezer? If so, at what temperature?



Sorry, but there is no way that you can save a gel..I tried to wrapped in plastic and refrigerate but the bands diffuse from one well to other...if you put it in buffer the DNA will diffuse to the try to schedule your work you dont have this type of problems...


You can continue running the gel at 4 or 5 volts for many hours, overnight or more, this way; the gel runs very very slow and the bands don’t diffuse. Although, I don’t think it works for the whole weekend.

-aztecan princess-

if its overnight , running at a lower voltage can help but am not sure abt weekend.