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FACS sorting and culturing cells afterwards - (Aug/16/2007 )


As I´m a beginner in doing FACs I´m wondering if there is a possibility to prepare/handle cells for FACs SORTING in a very kind way as I have to take them into culture afterwards and need them to divide quite nicely afterwards for my further experiment!
I use fibroblast cells so I already have to treat them with trypsin to deattach. For sorting I use their GFP expression.

For any suggestions i would be very grateful!
Thanks a lot!


You can do this, it's not even a big deal. Just keep them cool while they are in solution and use the media they'd usually culture them in as facs buffer. We used to do this in our lab from primary cortical cells, generally it's ok, but you always lose cells of course.

Good Luck with that,