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How to convert excel chart to print quality images - (Mar/25/2004 )

Dear Bioforum member,
I always have problem outputing excel chart or chart from some statistical software such as StatView into Photoshop. Once in PS, even I specify a high resolution, the images are poor in quality. Although you can print charts directly from excel for submission, but the problem is you have to sometimes edit the chart and sometimes you are not allowed to submit excel file for your figure. So I would like to know how you deal with this problem. Thanks.


The best way to do it is first to convert your chart figure into a vector image. You can copy your chart into Illustrator. Once in Illustrator, your chart will be composed of individual editable elements. After editting, export your figure to jpeg and select a higher resolution such as 300. In this way, you can submit your figures in right format and yet at high resolution.




Thank you so much. I've never thought of using illustrator.


Cadmus has lots of information at: