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OPINIONS on Plant Tissue Culture- - Please post your opinions and views on plant tissue culture. (Aug/07/2007 )

Hi everyone.
As part of a research for a topic I'm doing in my biology class, i need to obtain people's opinions and views on the use of plant tissue culture. Note that we are regarding transformation of plants as part of plant tissue culture (ie. we can put desirable genes into a single plant cell, and then clone the cell to give lots of plants with that characteristic).
It would be much appreciated if you can give your OCCUPATION, followed by your VIEWS and then preferably REASONS why you feel this way about this technology. Thank you.



1) i'm doing research on psoriasis
2) its quite boring - and a bit slow - human tissue culture is much more interesting (and faster too)
3) when was the last time you looked at a plant and thought - i'm going to make your life a little bit better (unless its a bonsai - they have at least a little character)