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raiders of the lost sequences - pGJgfp, pIG121Hm, pBIN19 (Jul/30/2007 )

Hi everybody and glsd to meet you again!

This time I am facing some problems in finding the complete sequences of the following plasmids:

  • pGJgfp
  • pIG121Hm
  • pBIN19
Maybe I'm making it in a wrong way, but nor BLAST neither web searches have led me to some clue.
I'm specifically interested in bacteria antibiotic selection strategies and aadA gene in particular.

If someone of you has some information, please share! blush.gif
Thanks in advance!


for the pBIN19, you can check this site (I don't know if it contains what you want)

I hope it helps


dpo, thank you very much indeed!
I've never hit on that site before while browsing the net. I will add it to favourites...