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Matrigel invasion assay - (Jul/29/2007 )

Hello there
We have done invasion assay very nicely of HT1080 cells using cell culture inserts (8 um pore) ---Park et al, Euro J Pharmacol 2007.

With the same protocol, we failed to get any invased cells of HUVECs. We used 40 ul diluted (to 1 mg/ml with culute medium) for coating the well.

I have read the several discussions here in bioforum from various experts namely Bearer, circlepoint, scolix, pumuki, behappy736. They presented several tricky and practical aspects of matrigel coating to the wells.

Since the HUVECs is less invasive with compare to other tumor cells and has lower MMPs level, I want to try to reduce the concentration and volume of matrigel (10 ul of 0.5 mg/ml matrigel or higher volume with removing immediately). That will be OK??

Is there anyone familier with HUVECs invasion, pls pls share your ideas???

All your response will highly be appreciated.



Hi Thapa!

Sorry for late response, see your PM


Thanks for the insight response.

QUOTE (circlepoint @ Jul 30 2007, 04:16 PM)
Hi Thapa!

Sorry for late response, see your PM