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Stable transfection of human adrenocortical cancer H295R cell line - (Jul/25/2007 )


Our research group has performed transient transfection of the H295R cell line using Lipofectamine2000 but the transfection efficiency is low (~15%). Now we'd like to increase the efficiency by performing STABLE transfection using another reagent called METAFECTENE PRO (Biontex). Has anyone tried this before? If you have not tried it on H295R cells, have you tried it on other cell lines? Can you please give us the details? The plasmid we use is the Tet-On plasmid from Clonetech.

Please kindly give us some advice, appreciated!

-hkuspace graduate-

I have compared the two in a different cell type, COS cells before. I found the difference between the two are not very dramatic in transfection efficiency.