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Sodium Borate Buffer - (Jul/25/2007 )

Hi all,

İs there any one have a protocol for preparing 0.1 M Sodium Borate Buffer (pH 8.8).

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this has been discussed before.
have a look here


Thanks Fred_33
but I need sodium Borate Buffer, not Borate buffer.


well assuming the protocol described below, you may try this one
use boric acid (MW=61.83) to 1M and dissolve it in 500ml. Add NaOH solution till pH is reached.
So you gonna have borate, and boric acid, and Na+.
Sodium borate buffer !

Protocol :
Preparation of sodium borate buffer for gel electrophoresis

1. General considerations:
a. This protocol is about preparing 20X stock solution, i.e. use 50ml each time, then dilute to 1L with distilled water.
b. The starting materials are sodium hydroxide and boric acid, final concentration of NaOH is 200mM, final pH is 8.0.
c. Sodium hydroxide should use solid every time, can’t use old solution!
d. Final solution should be filtered by 0.2 micron filter membrane.

2. Sodium borate buffer (200mM NaOH, pH ~8.2)
a. Add 8g NaOH (MW=40), 47g boric acid (MW=61.83) to 900ml distilled water, make sure all powers dissolve completely.
b. Make final volume to 1L by adding water.
c. Use 0.2 micron filter membrane to filter. pH should be around 8.2.


Thank you very much fred_33

Also this adress is usefull for us ...