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high glucose in media - (Jul/25/2007 )

Hi everybody,
I found a media with high glucose (4,5 mg/ml). My question is what does it do with normal HEK cells? Normally I use the media with 1mg/ml glucose for these cells. I know of cause that it is a bad idea to change to another media in general, but I am curious. What will this do to my cells? blink.gif

Thanks for telling me your experiences and knowlegde!



my 293 are grown with DMEM high glucose and are fine smile.gif


mine too.


Same with me. I actually have grown HEK293 and a few more cell line in DMEM with either 1mg/ml or 4.5mg/ml of glucose and they are fine in both cases. The amount of glucose may be important for some special cell lines, but not in this case, it seems.


HEK293 grow well in either but grow faster in 25mM Glucose (4.5g/l).

It raises an interesting question and one that commonly debated in diabetes circles, what is high and low glucose. I plated out some COS cells in "high glucose media" measured glucose concentration 24 hours after and found that the level in the media had already dropped to 5mM, another 24 hours the glucose was down to 3.4mM. It suggests that unless you are in a constant flow system low glucose media is actually looking at exactly that and high glucose reaches normal levels within 24 hours of incubation.

That's my two cents worth anyway.