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please help in Anthurium & Orchid Tissue culture - tissue culture medium (Jul/24/2007 )

I came through this site by accident when I was surfing through for growth regulators used in Anthurium & Orchid tissue culture mediums.
I am doing a project on tissue culturing these two plant species for my degree programme & I am using MS medium. I know I have to use somekind of growth regulator for them, but have no clue of what to use.
Please some PTC expert kindly advice me on the tissue culture protocol I should use for Anthurium & orchid.

Thanks in advance.


Hi,You cant get all orchids on MS medium.You have to use Vacin and Went or Knudson C media for orchids. For anthurium its ok but condition depends on what explant you are using. rolleyes.gif


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